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I hate rowing…

I hate rowing…

Mark at his CF Rowing  seminar and certification.

Mark at his CF Rowing seminar and certification.

I hate rowing. There, I said it! Dare I say I’m not alone? I’m sure some of you out there feel the same way. “But wait a minute Mark,” you might say, “I see you rowing a lot & you took that Rowing course in Memphis back in August. You must love to row?!?” Well, I took it because I didn’t love to row, and I wasn’t the only one there with that attitude. About 80% of the people replied that they hated rowing when asked why they were attending that course. I would say it’s safe to say some of you here at Ktown may feel the same way, right?

I’m really glad I took the course. I learned a lot from the instructor and other classmates. I am now more comfortable and efficient on the erg than ever before. I don’t run the other way in fear when I see a nasty row in a workout or conditioning piece, plus I have a better idea as to how to attack it rather than going into it blindly. Never before would I have been comfortable enough to just hop on the erg & row a 10K without being told I could potentially win money, or register & compete in a 4 week challenge like recently with the challenge. BTW, big SHOUT OUT to the Ktown Team for placing 7th out of 30 teams, Stephen Newberry for placing 1st in the Men Masters & Shaina Johnson for finishing 4th in Women Tall!!!

This is where I want to help you. I will be hosting the first in a series of Ktown Saturday morning skill sessions aimed at making you more familiar, efficient, comfortable and all around badass at some of the movements and things we see often here at Ktown. This skill session will run from 9-9:45AM.

I know some of you may never “love” to row, but I’d like to help you become more efficient and comfortable on our good friend the Erg! We’ll go over the basics, the sequence, technique, some drills/skills and maybe even discuss the ever elusive and misunderstood damper & drag factor…

Help me help you attack your Erg-phobia this Saturday morning at 9am! Who knows, there may be a little couples workout being that it’s Valentine’s Day & all (so bring a friend!)…

Coach Mark


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  1. Mumps February 12, 2015 at 11:38 am

    Rowing is the worst. I’ll see you Saturday…

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