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Ktown Throwdown – Workouts Announced

One class to rule them all, one class to bind them

One class to rule them all, one class to bind them

KTOWN THROWDOWN (AKA Morning vs. Noon vs. Afternoon)

Athletes should plan on arriving around 8:00 a.m.  First workout will start at 9:00 sharp.  All athletes on each team must participate in at least one of the workouts.  For this competition, a Masters athlete is age 30+. There will be 5 to 10 minutes between workouts.  Scoring will be as follows:

–          1st place in workout: 3 points

–          2nd place in workout: 2 points

–          3rd place in workout: 1 point

The entire competition should take 2 or so hours.

Sprint Relay

3 Guys + 3 Girls (MUST use at least one Masters athlete)


600m Run

500m Row


Teams can pick either sex to do either event (i.e. they could have all 3 girls do the row and all 3 guys do the run, or any way they see fit).  The first person from each team starts off with the run. When they get back they tag a team member that is already strapped into the rower and they start the row. When the row is finished, that athlete tags the next teammate who will take off on the run for round 2.

Heavy Lifting

2 Guys + 2 Girls


1 Guy + 1 Girl Max Snatch

1 Guy + 1 Girl Max Clean and Jerk

Each athlete gets 10 min. to warm up and then 3 attempts to hit their max weight.


4 Guys + 4 Girls, only 2 people on the “GRID” at once. Can substitute amongst the 5 people however the team sees fit.  (MUST use at least one Masters athlete)


20 OHS (95/65)

20 Burpees over the Box (24”/20”)

20 CTB Pull-ups

20 Hang Cleans (155/105)

The girls will perform 1 heat, rest 2 minutes, then perform the same movements again.  Each round of Echo has a 5 min. cap. The same male and female athletes must complete both rounds of Echo.



3 Guys + 3 Girls (MUST use at least one Masters athlete)


Row 20 Calories

30 Burpees

30 alternating DB Snatches

30 T2B

100ft. OH Walking lunge (45/25)

50ft. Sprint

Each athlete completes the chipper. No athlete may begin or advance to the next movement until the athlete ahead of them has completed that movement.

Deadlift – Box Jump

1 Guy + 1 Girl


21-15-9 Deadlift (225/155) and Box Jumps (24/20)

Athletes compete as pairs. Male athlete completes 21 deadlifts. Then, the female athlete completes 21 deadlifts. The male athlete will then complete 21 box jumps followed by the female athlete completing 21 box jumps. This continues with the athletes alternating until the workout is finished.

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