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Learnin’ to weight lift

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Learnin’ to weight lift

Little Gerken learns weightlifting.


Overhead Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

MetCon – 3 RNFT:
5 Squats @ 70%
5 Max Broad Jumps
15 Clapping Push-ups
20 Straight-leg Sit-ups
Rest 2-3 minutes

And the Paleo Challenge winners are…

Joni Kay Price and Caitlin Quinn tied for the ladies, and Steve Newberry won for the fellas.  All three of these Ktowners made remarkable changes over the ten week challenge thanks to their hard work in the gym and fastidious food quality choices at meal time.  A big round of applause to them!  When you see them in the gym next, please let them know just how well they did.

Once I receive permission from all three of them, I will put up their before and after pictures for you to better see their incredible progressions.  Until then, evaluate your diet.  Is it impeding progress to one or more of your goals?  Is it failing to help you recover for your next workout?  Is it keeping you in an inflamed state?  Always keep in mind that it is diet that provides the base for our fitness hierarchy.  Without a solid diet, we will forever be hampered in our attempts to chase wellness, fitness, and specific goals.

Eat your way to progress,
Coach G

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