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Legume Family…not awesome

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Legume Family…not awesome

To eat or not to eat?


Straight Leg Deadlift: 5 @ 60% 1RM

MetCon – DT:
5 Rounds for Time
12 DL (155/105)
9 Hang PC
6 Jerks

Finisher: 1 min L-hang

During Paleo eating people always ask why the legume family is removed; especially since everyone knows beans are packed with “protein and fiber.” Here’s why…
1) High insulin responses, i.e. bad for weight loss.
2) Lectin loads and antinutrients
3) Protease Inhibitors

I will make a series of posts to explain each, but first we will tackle the insulin portion …

1) Beans, while they contain protein, also contain a high amount of carbohydrates. When consuming beans it is very much like consuming breads or other carbohydrates with higher glycemic loads. The GL (glycemic load) is a number based upon the glycemic index and takes into account the amount of carbohydrates in a food and how much each gram of carbohydrate will raise a person’s blood glucose level (blood sugar). We don’t want this number to be high. If the GL is over 20, it is definitely considered high. When blood glucose levels rise, especially quickly and reach high amounts, we release the hormone insulin.

Insulin is a master hormone. It is vital for life, proper metabolism, growth and development, and a slew of other things. Insulin’s job in this case is to alert transport molecules to remove excess glucose from the  bloodstream and transport it into the cells to be used for energy or storage. The problem becomes when our mouth transforms into a black hole, consumes all carbohydrates in its path (the processed ones especially), and now there is too much insulin. If insulin is constantly signaling the transport of glucose our storage supplies fill up pretty quickly. Once the supplies are filled, glycogen then becomes a fat molecule, or, if you must know, palmitic acid (PA). PA can be used for energy if we need it, or in an overweight case, stored on our hips, thighs, and bellies.

[Side Note: Glycogen, linked glucose molecules, is used as a fuel source by many tissues including the brain and red blood cells, but can ONLY be stored for later use in the liver and minimally in the muscles. It is in the liver where the conversion to palmitic acid occurs.]

We could go on to talk about blood sugar drops which cause hunger and more bad eating, or the overflow of insulin leading to insulin resistance and type II diabetes, or insulin linkage to autoimmunity, OR insulin and inflammation, but for now I will let your brain relax. Perhaps now you see, just in the case of weight loss, why we shouldn’t eat anything in the legume family.

[Side note: the same holds true for our lovely grains and dairy products].
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