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Lil Miss Karly speaks on Girl Scout Cookies

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Lil Miss Karly speaks on Girl Scout Cookies

The importance of sleep is lost on a lot of us...I hate that the average on this graph was based on the lower end of athletes' ranges.


CrossFit Total: 1RM Squat, 1RM Press, 1RM Deadlift

Finisher: 1min L-sit


Hello CrossFitters,


A lot of u saw the cookie order form and said, “I can’t eat cookies because I am paleo,’’ but u probably

didn’t know u could donate cookies to Air and Army National Guard troops in TN, VA and GA. So if u

want to donate cookies contact my mom at . Thank you for your

support of Girl Scouts and the men and women who serve our country!


Love, Karly Kammann


An excerpt from John Welbourn’s blog:

“Coyle then asked me if I thought sleeping was dangerous? I was a bit perplexed as most anyone’s natural inclination would be no. How could sleeping be dangerous? He then used an analogy most reserved for purveyors of an ancestral diet. 10,000 years ago we were the most poorly equipped mammals on the planet for survival. With everything on the planet being bigger and faster and looking at us for its next meal why would we have developed the need to fall into a defenseless, helpless state? It must have been pretty important and have a significant reason. Giraffes by contrast sleep between 10 to 110 minutes a day.”

I guess that sleep stuff is important,
Coach G

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  1. Ben February 26, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Any one else find it hilarious that Tiger Woods gets the least amount sleep. Too many late nights me thinks…….

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