Lo siento, mis amigos!

Lo siento, mis amigos!

Muscle-up, what!?

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 10 Dislocates, 15 KB Swings, 20m Pigs on Ice Skates, Rotator Cuff Stretch

Pull-ups: 3×5 weighted

Dips: 3×5 weighted

MetCon – For Time:
50 Hang Squat Snatches (115/95lbs)
50 Toes-to-Bar

Break exercises up in any order.  Get at it!

I just want to say that next week I will be reigniting the burner on my fat-cholesterol-heart disease series.  We’ve had hundreds of emails and letters lamenting the sudden disappearance of said series (riiiiight), so I’ve been hard at work getting it back up to speed.  So wipe the grease from your jowls and prepare to be hit with some knowledge.

Also, my bad on the tardy post.

Coach G

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