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Remember, we are more than a gym!

Remember, we are more than a gym!

Hey Ktowners,

Congratutlations on making it to the last week of the current cycle! Hopefully, you all were able to hit a PR or two or three today. More traditional heavy lifting is heading your way in the upcoming cycle. Make sure you keep reading the blog for more info on that!


For now though, let us cover a few major and IMPORTANT announcements for the next month or so:


  1. Ktown will be hosting its 6th Annual Memorial Day Murph at 10AM. Please come out, work out, invite a friend or two, and spend some time with us remembering what Memorial Day represents. There will be an Open Gym from 8-9:45AM beforehand for you masochists.


  1. NEXT WEEK, May 25-30, is Ktown Bring a Friend Week. Try to get a friend in here to see and experience what we all bug them about at work, church, social situations, and gala events. BONUS: they will get a DISCOUNT ($149) if they sign up for On Ramp starting June 2nd. So, like Indiana Jones, choose wisely…


  1. Thursday, May 28 from 9AM to 5PM, Knoxville Men’s Rugby AKA the Possums, will be hosting a fundraiser at Legend Fitness, 5901 Middlebrook Pike. “The Trip C’s Replacement Blood Drive” will benefit the new born triplets of one of the rugby team members. The triplets are suffering from a life-threatening blood disorder so if you can, please show your support. If you have any questions you can ask Coach Mark.


  1. Saturday, June 6th from 8AM-Finish (around 2PM), CrossFit Ktown will be volunteering with a Habitat for Humanity Build. This will be a great opportunity for our community to come together to support and aid the greater Knoxville community.


  1. The Jacked and Tan Classic will be held on July 11. CrossFit Ktown’s ultra-classic pairs competition will pit same-sex pairs of athletes against each other in some awesome workouts. More info on this as we get closer to the date, but start telling your CrossFit friends and calling dibs on partners!


There are MANY opportunities for us to engage with people outside the gym this month and accomplish some really positive things! Let’s show Knoxville what Ktown is all about.


-Coach Taylor


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