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Meaghan “Meaghatron” Galindo

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Meaghan “Meaghatron” Galindo

My favorite!


Push Press: 5-4-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1

MetCon – For Lowest Score:
Partner Max Meters – AMRAP 10 Minutes
50 Alternating Burpees
(Subtract time for burpees in points off of max meters.)

This weekend I got to visit a former Jacked and Tan Team Member, but more importantly a Ktowner at heart. If you didn’t already know, Crissy and I went to see Meaghan (Meaghatron) Galindo in sunny Palm Desert, California. I couldn’t have asked for a better get away.

Play time!

In case you knew Meaghan let me give you an update on her! First of all, she goes to CrossFit Shifted which is full of genetic freaks (I was in awe of the potential and friendliness in that gym), and now with her in the ranks has another genetic beast! She has her own athletic cheer program, C3 Athletix, teaches a gymnastics class at CrossFit Shifted, recently bought a house (which Crissy and I took full advantage of), and has a Chihuahua puppy that rivals Remi’s cuteness. Needless to say she is doing amazing and looks prettier than ever!

Reecie and Meag.

To demonstrate the progress one can make in a year, Meaghan finished last year’s open in the two, or maybe even three, hundreds, but this year she qualified as an individual even in the extremely difficult region of SoCal! Maybe “CrossFit is too easy,” right Meaghan?  With the help of her performances CrossFit Shifted will be taking a team to their Region, which she will be competing on (look for her if Regionals stream live). A few other notable CrossFit performances by Meaghan…

–          Fran: 2:40

–          Back Squat: 275

–          Clean: 200 (It looks easy for her btw)

–          Muscle  Ups: 5 unbroken (I’m sure you remember the epic MU from Regionals last year.)

–           Snatch: 145

This will go down as the best CrossFit moment in history for me.

As awesome as Meaghan always was, she has truly become a CrossFit contender. She attributes much of her success to Ktown and even though we give her a hard time about it, is quite humble about her numbers and workouts. Many times while we were hanging and working out she asked about different Ktowners and said how much she missed everyone, not to mention the Ktown atmosphere. Well I know everyone who knew Meaghan truly misses her too. It’s not every day you get someone who whines about a workout, decides it will be “not for time,” drinks coffee for hydration, and then destroys it with a smile on her face!

Yea, this seems about right for Meag.

Meaghatron you will always be a part of the Ktown family. It was a pleasure to coach you; Ktown would not be the same without you! We miss you, love you, and hope you crush some Californians at Regionals!

See you at the Games,
<3 Coach Miss J & Ktown Staff

Post to comments something you want to say to Meag or your favorite Meag moment!

[Shout out to CrossFit Shifted! Thanks for making us feel like home while we sweated there. The members were super friendly and I was able to talk a little shop with the owner. So glad to know the CrossFit community is strong within Shifted!]

That's our Meag!

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  1. CBo April 25, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Meaghatron! I miss yeeewwwww! I hear everything is great in SoCal, and you’re dominating like it was your job. PLEASE make a trip back to Ktown sometime?? That’d be great, thanks.


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