Mid-Workout Gut Check

Mid-Workout Gut Check

Nice hip and knee extension Marly!

Warm-up: Barbell Complex – 8 reps each of Muscle Snatch, Overhead Squat, Press, Back Squat, Good Morning, Behind the Neck Push Press (45/25 lbs) x2


Pull-ups: Max Set of Reps

MetCon – Kelly:
5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
30 Box Jumps (24/18”)
30 Wallball (20/12 lbs)

What if we took a random picture of your metcon?  What would you look like?  Obviously, you’re sweaty and wearing a mean face, but what would your body positioning look?  Would your chest be all the way to the floor on the push-up in Cindy?  Would the barbell be completely overhead with elbows locked out in your push press during Fight Gone Bad?  What about your front squat depth in There Will Be Blood?  Oh ya, you guys haven’t done that one yet.  Get ready…

It is important to understand that we are not concerned with going as fast as possible.  We are concerned with doing as much work as possible the quickest.  It’s all about the performance (and Benjamins, baby).  Don’t sacrifice doing the full amount of work possible for a faster time on the board.  Don’t waste the gift.

So keep all this in mind the next time you’re sweating with your fellow Ktowners.  Everyone else will be doing as much work as they can, so you should too.

It’s all about the Pentiums,
Coach G

Callie demonstrates a perfect KB swing even in the Filthy Fifty.

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  1. Ben May 19, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Finally somebody realizes that it’s all about me…

    Especially on the long workouts it becomes very easy to short the work load. I know that I have caught myself a few times and really try to correct it. You have to do it for yourself so you know deep down that you earned every inch of the Rx by your name.

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