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This was fun...

Warm-up: 5 min bike, 5 min row, 5 min jog, 5 min double under practice

Foam roll

Test air squat – hip opener one side – retest air squat – hip opener other side

Hold bottom of squat for 2 min

Barbell mobilizations

LAX ball mobilizations

We had a lot of good feedback from everyone today.  I even convinced Diva to hang around and do some much needed mobilizing.

I hope that a lot of you learned something from today.  Mobilizing is really effective, even in small doses.  A lot of the work we accomplished between our test and retest was between 30-120 seconds.  If that is all it takes to change your crappy squat position or where you can rack a bar after a clean, why not take care of your business before or after the warm-up?  It really is that easy.

Your body is an immaculate machine comprised of biological levers – muscles connected to bones via tendons crossing joints.  These levers are affected by many factors including sleep, hydration, and diet.  But you can also make some change with some simple mobility pieces before your workout.  Take the time to work your junky tissues out.

Your body can handle your crappy position for a long time, but one day it won’t.  And you will rue that day with your torn achilles or herniated disc.  Stay supple, my friends.

Coach G

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