CrossFit Ktown – CrossFit

A1): Bulgarian Split Squat (6×3 HAP – :'( this is it for a long time)

When you score dumbbell work, you input the weight of ONE dumbbell.

A2): Cuban Press (6×6 light, use DB)

B1): Glute-Ham Raises (5×5-8 – do hip ext if need to scale)

B2): KB Side Bend (5×8 each side – HAP)

C): Metcon (Distance)

Row for total distance:

20 sec on, 20 sec off

40 sec on, 40 sec off

60 sec on, 60 sec off

40 sec on, 40 sec off

20 sec on, finished

XTRA): Metcon (No Measure)

Lying knee crunches: accumulate 50