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Katie King wasn't the only person getting a first MU during 15.3!

Katie King wasn’t the only person getting a first MU during 15.3!

What is your #mondaymotivation?

Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of the winter lull. Yes, with January 1st and New Years’ Day, there is always a type of re-energizing into your health and fitness and wellness, but right about now is when the “winter blues” feeling starts to creep in. Have you been feeling it? We have Daylight Savings Time which steals an hour of our precious sleep. It’s still pretty effing chilly out…everyone is dying for flip flops and shorts. So…what is it that keeps you coming back to the gym? What is it that keeps you from indulging on TOO MANY Girl Scout cookies? What motivates you to take care of yourself?

Let me share with you what motivates ME.

YOU motivate me. My amazing friends motivate me. My work family motivates me. My boyfriend motivates me. My Ktown family motivates me. Hell, my bird motivates me. My purest and most sincere form of motivation is this simple fact: when I am fit, when I am well, when I am taking care of myself both physically and mentally, I am a better person. I am a better employee, friend, coach, girlfriend, mentor, and bird mom when I am well.

When you hear the term “wellness,” what do you think? Do you think yoga poses and spinach salads?

You should be thinking of four things, and luckily for you, they all start with the letter M.

Mind, Mouth, Muscle, Movement.

Mind: Taking care of your mind means checking in with yourself – especially with your sleep and stress levels. Mental health oftentimes takes a back seat to physical health, but it is incredibly important to keep yourself in check. There’s no shame in allowing yourself to de-stress and sleep the necessary 8+ hours per night.

Mouth: How are you eating? I’m not even talking about paleo or CORE or primal, etc in this instance. Are you eating REAL food? When you grocery shop, do you shop the perimeter of the grocery store? Think meats, vegetables, fruit, fat.

Muscle and Movement: These are much easier for you guys to understand. Weight bearing exercises and cardiovascular training lead to a healthier you.

For the most part, I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably at least somewhat diligent about getting to the gym. But…it is important for you to ask yourself about your eating habits, your sleeping habits, and stress levels. They are just as important in terms of “health” as fitness and conditioning.

So, I challenge you to find YOUR #mondaymotivation….and really, your EVERY day motivation. Keeping this fresh in your mind will always keep you driving, keep you striving, and keep you thirsty for more!


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  1. Dr bud March 19, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    Mir – you inspire and motivate me, and the faces of my darling grand kiddos but mostly, my why motivates me to set a stellar example as you have done since the day I met you and when you were the runner on my Triathlon team and the following year with Pete as the pilot flying J health warriors.

    You rock!
    Dr. Bud

  2. Geri March 21, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    That blog in itself motivates me! You and Sam motivate me in CORE. All the athletes at Ktown motivate me to strive to be my best. My results motivate me to continue to challenge myself daily in all aspects of my life. Currently life is good. :)

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