More announcements? Impossible!

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More announcements? Impossible!

Check out Yogility! Tues nights at 7:30pm and Thurs mornings at 7am!


Front Squats: 5-5-5

Overhead Squats: 2-2-2

MetCon – EMOM 10 minutes:
6 Pistols
6 Tuck Jumps
6 Push- Ups

Hola Ktown! If you didn’t read last night’s post it is muy importante that you do so now. There are a few major updates in the works regarding class schedule, fundamentals classes, and the shiny new ON-RAMP program. Remember it begins Tuesday April 2nd at 7AM or 6:30PM. Hopefully tomorrow we will be receiving some coupons for you all to hand out, which will give $100 off April’s ON-RAMP program.  You can give these to your friends, family, or frenemies!

Secondly, our next social event is our Chili Cook-Off. Sign-up sheets for entering chili will be up this Thursday on our social whiteboard. It is $5 to enter and $10 to taste all chilies the day of the competition. We will have judges and the overall winner will receive a FREE month to Ktown as well as sending all monies to a charity of their choice. That’s a pretty good incentive to win!

Lastly, some new gym t-shirts are in the works. Our original home gym shirt (but in different colors), a brand-spanking new home gym shirt, and some more jacked and tan are on the way. Do I hear the sound of tank tops, both men and women? Yes I think I do.

Get those checkbooks ready,
<3 Coach Miss J

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