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More than a blog post, an announcement!

A Samantha collage!

A Samantha collage!

More than a gym. More than a member. More than a coach.

Over seven years ago, I attended my first free class at CrossFit Ktown. Little did I know how the experience would change my health trajectory and my life. Back then 1.0, as it was eventually called, was a slightly different place. It was a lot smaller, the membership was closer to 30 novices and the equipment may have come from KARM. However, the coaches shared the same undertones of today: very knowledgeable, excited about fitness and genuine concern for the best interest of their members. There was an automatic community, a joy in shared suffering, and comfort in a potentially uncomfortable environment. It was more than a gym.

In May 2013, I started internship hours to become a coach. Most of my hours were within a specialty program that focused on weight loss and nutrition. It was the perfect marriage of my passion to encourage and my love for food. When the program was reborn as CFKT CORE, I was delighted to call it my own and coach on a more regular basis. For over three years, I added coaching hours to my 9-to-5 and fielded text messages around the clock. It was tough because I always wanted to give more time than I had. Yet even when the days were long, I was happy to be impacting people and thankful to be more than a member.

This month, my relationship with CrossFit Ktown evolves yet again as I become more than a coach. On February 1, I readily began my role as the Director of Operations and Member Relations at CFKT. My interpretation of this role is simple: to make CrossFit Ktown a better place through good business and great customer service. Although I will be coaching more than in the recent past, a lot of my time will be behind the scenes supporting our amazing coaching staff and members. However, you will see me in the gym more and I hope to be talking with each one of you often. If you have questions about your member experience, ideas for the gym, your own personal goals, or anything else, please let me know. In addition to being a coach, I hope to be a liaison, information hub, problem-solver, solution-finder, and general resource for our members.

Of all the titles I have held at CFKT, I am the most excited for this. Only now I see this role was seven years in the making and began the first day I walked through the door. As a true OG, I’ve seen repeatedly that CrossFit Ktown is a place where amazing things happen. From friendships to feats of strength, this is so much more than a gym and I’m elated to increase my role within it.

Director of Operations and Member Relations
Samantha Lane

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