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Muscle-up progression

Muscle-up progression



Muscle-up Skill Progression

MetCon – For reps:
Tabata Burpees
Tabata Air Squats
no rest

I think the final count on people joining the 1st muscle-up club today was ELEVEN.  That is a lot of new muscle-uppers!  Congratulations to all of those that were able to attain the most over-glamorized movement in CrossFit!

For those of you unable to get your 1st today, the secret to getting one is staying off the high rings.  Work your strict chest to bar pull and chin-ups, dips, ring pull-ups and dips, and your false grip body row to bottom support.  Build the requisite strength and the muscle-up will come.

Here is some coaching that may prove beneficial to you all.  Another coach’s cues can help you see the movement in a new light.

Coach G

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