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New cycle, complete with jokes (and no proofreading)!

An old weightlifting block programmed for Adam Gerken before he disappointed me with silver at Master's Nationals in Savannah.

An old weightlifting block programmed for Adam Gerken before he disappointed me with silver at Master’s Nationals in Savannah.

We are beginning week 3 of our new cycle, and a blog post from yours truly is long overdue. So in this blog post I will lay out what this new cycle is all about and give you tips so you can really milk it for all it is worth.

I believe it was Mr. Joe who asked, “Where did you come from, where did you go?” So let us then begin with where we ended before we talk more of where we will go. We just finished a long cycle chock full of heavy squats, snatches and cleans from different hang positions before moving to the floor, and mixed modal energy systems training. That last part is really just a fancy way of saying we trained short, medium, and long duration with different implements and movements. That cycle finished with you all tremendously improving your technical lifts, and we saw a bunch of PRs on that old standby, the back squat. Well met!

In between we had a couple of back off weeks, a preparatory week for Death Days 2015, actual Death Days 2015, and then another back off week. What a whirlwind! Shirts for Death Days will be in shortly so you can wear your stripes proudly for all to see…

And then we started our newest cycle. This cycle will revolve around positional work on the quick lifts. We want to hone our technical capabilities to maintain proper positions throughout all points of the lifts with both light and heavy loads. There is still two days of dedicated squatting per week plus a third on Saturday. We are going overhead more frequently on this cycle. We were limited by how much work we could fit in to a class on the last cycle, so we had to focus on the major strength builders to the detriment of really focused overhead strength work. This cycle looks to fix that with two dedicated overhead days. The energy systems training will look similar because it is still a long way away until the CF Open, but there will be a slight lactate peak as we near Oktoberfest.

Something newly introduced beginning this week is the XTRA work. We have been running the Sport and Function paths with much success now for several months, but we have always had people with extra time and drive looking for more structure for their post class work. And so now you will see XTRA at the bottom of each day’s programming. This extra work is not anywhere near mandatory. On the contrary, this extra work is not meant for a lot of you. This is tough for people to hear sometimes, but you have to understand that you put your health and wellness in our hands. Some of you need to bump that stimulus up to continue receiving returns. But a much greater majority of you are perfectly fine with the day’s class work and nothing more. If you have a question on where you fall, speak to a coach.

Allow me to give a further note on the XTRA work. It is to be performed after we finish the regular class. You will not be prioritized by the coach; so if there is a big class following you please understand that the coaches may not be able to help you. With that said, most of the extra work is of an auxiliary nature and pretty self-explanatory. You will quickly pick up the rhythm of the extra work. It is also of note that it is not glamorous work. It won’t be snatch balances and backward rolls to support. The work will be a lot of prehab upper body structural, aerobic, gymnastic skill, and CF sport skill. This extra work will help prepare you for competing in the sport of CF and also improve your general fitness. Stay frosty.

Here are some of my notes on this cycle’s template:

Monday – OHS + BS superset w/ DB structural work, sprint intervals; 500m row intervals

Tuesday – snatch/deadlift positional work, OH in 8-12 min; midline couplet (EMOM?)

Wednesday – upper body triple set w/ pull-ups, 4 min burner; gymnastic EMOM

Thursday – FS + jerk, structural work and/or Z1; long bike Z1 w/ midline

Friday – clean positional work/DB cleans, pull-ups in MC (longer aerobic); lower body auxiliary, upper body density

Saturday – snatch, cj, squat,

[heavy and hard (Friday dependent)]

This may look Greek to you. But for those of you that like seeing this sort of stuff, I am assuming most of it makes sense. For those that don’t care, you probably didn’t read this far. If you did actually read this far and are still confused by my shorthand, please speak with a coach to gain further insight.

I hope our programming fireside chat was beneficial for you. Until next time…

Coach G

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  1. Price September 29, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    So we should expect to achieve Adam Gerken levels of strength and fitness from this cycle?

  2. KGregs September 30, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    I. Miss. This. Can I be added back to wodify lol?! Just to nerd out on all your awesomeness?!

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