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New Month, New Cycle

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New Month, New Cycle





Hey Ktowners,

Great job with Bring a Friend Week! We really enjoyed meeting all of your non-Ktown friends, and hopefully, they had a great experience, as well.

As we head into June, we are beginning a new cycle here at the gym. The focus, as it usually is, will be weightlifting. As with most summers, the emphasis will also be heavy on squats. However, this cycle will be a little different from past Summers O’ Squats in that we will also be rolling out a new feature in the programming. There will now be two options for some workouts, designated “Sport” and “Function.”

The “Sport” option is for those who are interested in doing all of the movements of “The Sport of CrossFit,” meaning all of the movements that might arise in competition. These movements often require greater mobility and body control, but they are not necessary to get a great workout or to improve one’s general health or well-being. For example, “Sport” will have snatches, muscle ups, handstand push-ups, and the like.

The “Function” option will have only the movements that are most necessary to creating a great workout, improving fitness, and improving overall health. These movements will require less skill and mobility, but they will still challenge your range of motion and physical capacities. For example, heavy kettlebell swings might be substituted for snatches.

Now, just because we are creating two options does not mean that you are ALWAYS going to do “Sport” or ALWAYS going to do “Function.” That choice will be made based on YOU as an individual, your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. It may also vary based on the specific movements in the workout. If a coach asks you to complete one or the other, know that we have your best interests at heart and are trying to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck in every workout.

Good Luck and May the Squats be with You,

Coach Taylor


Alex Anderson is going to the CrossFit Games! CrossFit Ktown’s First Games Athlete!

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