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New Year and New Shenanigans at Ktown

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New Year and New Shenanigans at Ktown

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Happy New Year Ktowners!

As we begin 2015, there are going to be a plethora of happenings and events and programs happening at CrossFit Ktown. This post is going to briefly describe some of the things happening this Spring. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

1.  THE BLOG. Yes, this blog. The very blog you are reading right now has been slipping a little bit lately, and we know it! So starting now, you can expect more posts full of both insightful information that can help you in the gym and also the rants and ramblings of your beloved coaches that you all enjoy so well. Some of you may have never followed the blog, but now is a great time to start.

2.  SWEAT ANGELS. For those of you who missed the Facebook post, CrossFit Ktown is now a member of Sweat Angels. Every time you check-in at Ktown online, 40 cents will be donated to charity. We know that you are all at Ktown almost every day, so PLEASE check-in!

3.  THE OPEN. The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner (last week of February). Per the usual, we will be ramping up for the Games season and our programming will be geared towards getting everyone ready to participate. As always, we want everyone to participate, and there will be a new Scaled division in this year’s Open to give you all even more incentive if you are on the fence. At the very least, the Open gives you a chance to show your workout partner who’s the boss of t2b and box jumps. Amiright?

4.  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. This is going to be a big new event for 2015. Every Friday evening, members of CrossFit gyms from all over Knoxville will be getting together to complete the Open workouts together and socialize. This should be a fantastic opportunity to meet and compete with Crossfitters from outside Ktown, and it should create an amazing, energetic atmosphere for the Open. Furthermore, the first Friday Night Lights will be held at Ktown! So, keep your eyes and ears open, because you do not want to miss out.

5.  CFKT CORE. The first iteration of the CORE program was a huge success thanks to the efforts of Coaches Samantha Lane and Miranda Huston! That being said, we are in the process of improving and growing this program. Keep an eye out for posts from Samantha and Miranda over the next few weeks to find out about the big things happening with CORE and how you and your loved ones can get involved.

6.  MORNING V. NOON V. EVENING. Ktown’s first in-house competition to determine which workout time shall rule them all is January 24. The workouts are currently being finalized, but they will be fast and furious and fun, and there should be a bit of time to hang out with your competition and enjoy some refreshments afterwards.

7.  HARDKNOX HUSTLE AND 423’S OUTLIER OPEN. Both of these competitions, at CrossFit Knoxville and CrossFit 423 respectively, are on January 17. Teams from Ktown are going to be representing at both competitions. If you are free and available, go cheer them on!

There will be a lot happening over the next weeks and months so keep checking the Ktown blog and Facebook page, and ask your coaches if you have questions!

Coach Taylor


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  1. samantha January 1, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    Thank goodness for the return of the blog! #cfktog4l

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