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Noon Closed (Sad Face)

Noon Closed (Sad Face)

Let's hope it doesn't get this bad.

Guess what? Our hill is terrible (big surprise), and therefore we are closing the noon class. So says the news there will be another storm coming through at noon. Depending on the temperature, if it’s above freezing, the storm may bring rain, or there is a better possibility that the temperature will not reach above freezing and so it will be more freezing rain. If this happens the afternoon classes will be canceled as well. Keep to Facebook for any more updates on today’s closings. If you could only come to the morning and noon we have prepared a nice little home workout for you.

Warm-up: Arm Circles, Leg Swings, Mobility Lunges, Hip Opener Stretch (1 Min), Quad Stretch (1 Min), Rotator Cuff Stretch (1 Min), Samson Stretch (1 Min), Serratus Push Ups, Plank/ Side Plank (1 Min)

Work: 100 Hollow Rocks, 50 Wide, Normal, and Narrow Push-Ups

MetCon – Tabata Stay at Home and Workout:
(8 Rounds – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Complete all Rounds of each exercise before moving to the next.)
Pistols (Air Squats)
Tuck Jumps

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  1. Roberto January 25, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    I gave up at 100 hollow rocks hahA

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