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November Nutrition Challenge

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November Nutrition Challenge

It's not that hard to begin with, but we can obviously become more and more sophisticated with our nutrition after mastering the basics.

It’s not that hard to begin with, but we can obviously become more and more sophisticated with our nutrition after mastering the basics.

Ktown! It is time for us to do another nutrition challenge. Our CORE coaches have been helping people achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals for several iterations of the CORE program, and now we want to bring a CORE lite (if you will) to the gym at large.

This challenge will last for the month of November. I know what you’re thinking: “What about Thanksgiving!?! OMGWTFBBQ!” Well, dear Ktowner, do not worry for we are giving you a pass on Thanksgiving Day! So this challenge will run from November 1st until the 30th. The focus will be on your nutrition and the foods you consume.

We are not going to pack a lot in to the short, 30-day challenge. We are going to do some things that you are probably already doing, and we are going to layer in a few extras that you might not be doing or doing well. It looks like this:

Week 1 – eliminate sugar and grains, eat breakfast, and read labels

Week 2 – eliminate legumes and dairy, add fish oil and water

Weeks 3 and 4 – maintain from weeks 1 and 2

Most of you are already being very careful with your sugar and grain intake, so that week 1 elimination should not be too hard for you. Eating breakfast is something we stress all the time, so we hope this will not come as too much of a shock either. And finally, we want you to begin to read labels to see just what it is that you are putting in your body – ingredients and macronutrient loads and ratios.

Week 2 could become slightly more difficult for those of you accustomed to eating or drinking your dairy. Do not worry though, heavy cream stays in the diet because of its full-fat status! If you are a student and on a rice and beans budget, the legume elimination might be difficult sounding. But fear not! We have tips and tricks for eating well on a budget. The final piece of week 2 is the addition of fish oil and enough water for hydration. Once again, a lot of you are already doing a good job on this front. But there are always those of us that suffer or could be doing better with some slight tweaks.

A food log will be kept through your Wodify. If you choose to take part in this free challenge, you will be assigned a nutrition coach that will review your food log. This is a great way to benefit from a fresh set of eyes looking over your dietary intake. This is doubly important if you are feeling lethargic, run down, experiencing headaches or undue inflammation, or just looking to lean out.

We have prizes for the male and female winner! Winners will be chosen by the coaches based on participation, adherence to principles, coachability, food log completion, and a benchmark workout. The prize for the top male and top female will be a free month at the gym. We suggest that everyone participate in this 30 day challenge. It is free, simple, and worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

If you want to sign up for the challenge you need to go here and put down the requisite information. A coach will then be assigned to you. Hurry, this challenge begins November 1st!

Coach G

P.S. – Before and after pictures can also be very helpful to mark and track progress!

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