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On the importance of On Ramp

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On the importance of On Ramp

ABL. Always Be Learning.

ABL. Always Be Learning.

Hey Ktowners,

As we have left the Open and are almost finished with our structural cycle during the first part of this “off-season” a.k.a “beach season,” let us briefly remember our fundamentals and think back to your On Ramp experience.

Why do we do an On Ramp at CrossFit Ktown?

  1. Teach fundamental movements – For most of us, we received our first introduction to all of CrossFit’s wonderful movements – thrusters, wall balls, pull ups, etc. – in the On Ramp. It is the most important time for learning for the very simple reason that the learning curve is so steep. There are so many brand-new technical, multi-joint movements in CrossFit that only a significant period of time spent in close contact with a coach can bring us up to speed. The goal of On Ramp is not to teach every movement. The goal of On Ramp is to teach enough basic movements and movement patterns that new members feel more confident and can more quickly learn the more advanced movements that build off of those fundamental movements.
  1. Learn fundamental terminology – This goes along with learning the fundamental movements, but most of us also had to learn a whole new terminology when joining Ktown. The list of movements is long and intimidating on its own without trying to actually do them. This helps new members to understand what is happening and also helps them
  1. Transition into a new social environment – CrossFit Ktown is its own social environment. We do not often think of it as such, but it is. Ktown has its own groups of friends, language/terminology, culture, and taboos (going all LeBron with the chalk). All of this can be a bit intimidating, especially to someone who is just starting their fitness journey. On Ramp allows someone to step into that environment and get comfortable without the pressure of being a part of a regular class.
  1. Acclimate to CrossFit workouts – CrossFit at its core is “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.” That is a long-winded way of saying we do a lot of really hard work in a short period of time. It just simply is not healthy for someone new to jump right into full-blown CrossFit workouts. On Ramp allows us as coaches to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and to teach appropriate scales for movements when necessary. This greatly reduces the chance of injury and makes for a much more pleasant transition.

As you read this, I hope you were able to fondly remember your On Ramp experience and also realize how much you have learned. We want to continue building a culture of learning at Ktown. We are going to continue doing this over the next several weeks as we go back to basics in our programming. Also, if you know someone who should be a part of our community, get them in touch with us so we can get them in On Ramp! The next one begins tomorrow, May 5th, and we still have spots remaining in both the morning and evening!

-Coach Taylor

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