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NEWS: We will remain closed for today, including the O lifting class Every coach is out of town except G. And G just now got sick. Friday will have normal hours.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ktown is closed Thursday morning and noon. Check back for details on the evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. You will live to fight another day.

Good crew. Great night!

Warm-up: Arm Circles; 2 Rounds – 5 Wide Pull-ups, 10 Serratus Push-ups, Hip Opener, 10 OHS, 5 Dislocates

Snatch Complex: 1 Snatch Deadlift, 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Snatch Balance – build to heavy 3, 2, and 1

Zercher Squat: Build to comfortable set of 5

5-10 Unbroken Ring Dips
20 Windshield Wipers
30s Hip Opener
15 Banded Back Extensions

Quick guest post from E$ Momma Slocum 9000:

Dogwood Arts is seeking public relations, communications and marketing students interested in a part-time internship.  Interns will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by working alongside professionals in a non-profit organization which is run like a small business.  Dogwood Arts needs individuals who are motivated, have excellent written and oral communication skills, and are comfortable promoting the organization through client relations.  Interns will be expected to create written correspondence, maintain social media, proof marketing materials, handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls, and collaborate with the staff on multiple projects.  Ideal candidates would also have excellent computer skills.

The Dogwood Arts mission is to help support arts education in our school, to promote the visual and performing arts, and to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our region.  The organization is responsible for the successful planning and execution of multiple large and small events in Knoxville, primarily the House & Garden Show in February and Dogwood Arts Festival in April.  More info can be found at

This is an unpaid internship, but parking downtown is free;  commitment of 8-10 hours per week.

If interested, please send resume to and

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