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Our current cycle is…

Sorry, every day is leg day at CFKT.

Sorry, every day is leg day at CFKT.

Ktowners, a new cycle is upon us! Have you ever heard of Christmas creep? Well that is kind of what has happened here. Summer of Squats has somehow crept all the way in to the middle of Spring. I don’t know if I am all that sorry about it though. So many of you have been asking, “When does Summer of Squats start?” The anticipation has been palpable.

Well, those select few of you masochistic enough to want the SOS and to want it NOW, you have been rewarded. Taylor laid out the Sport and Function paths for you all last night. So now you understand that we have two workouts that will be achieving very much the same stimulus but just with different movements. This is really something we were already doing by scaling people appropriately, but now we all have a general foundation in the program from which to build. So now I will lay out the cycle that we began on Monday…

The idea here is that we will build upon our structure cycle that we just completed. Hopefully we have improved any strength discrepancies we had side to side as well as strengthened a lot of the structural muscles that don’t always get as much attention. We are layering some big, multi-joint movements like squats, vertical and horizontal presses, and pulls on to that newly augmented foundation. So you can expect a lot of quality strength training for those hips and shoulders.

We are going to be doing all of this strength training while staying true to our mixed modal training. WTF does that mean? It means we are still going to do all of the fun conditioning movements like swinging bells, thrustering barbells, rowing, running, jumping, pushing, and pulling. A little bit more dedicated time will be spent on soft tissue work towards the end of the week. And Saturdays will still be programmed out for you fine boys and girls that make the trip to the gym every Saturday morning. Here are my scribbled notes for the template:

Monday – squat RM + drop sets, vertical pressing, intervals

Tuesday – snatch beginning from big set high hang and moving to small set floor, 15+ min conditioning

Wednesday – volume squats, horizontal press, 4-8 min conditioning

Thursday clean beginning from big set high hang and moving to small set floor, recovery conditioning

Friday – longer warm-up, mobility/flexibility work, aerobic grinder (sometimes muscular endurance grinder)

Saturday – snatch, clean and jerk, front squat RM, mobility/flexibility work

And so there it is. I know the notes might be a bit cryptic, but I think you all get the gist. It is going to be very important to find that extra time to recovery properly on this cycle. This is especially important for those of you exclusively following the Sport path. There will be a lot of squats. There will also be a fair amount of pulling for both paths. Eat clean, drink water, and sleep an extra 30 min per night (read this to improve your sleep). Also, take your warm-up and cool down seriously. If your squat is stuck, warm-up more effectively. If you feel run down all the time, cool down after your conditioning with a 400m walk and then static stretching.

There is going to be a lot of work shoved in to this 10-12 week cycle. Be ready for it.

Coach G

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  1. Callie June 2, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    So pumped! Thanks for the heads up!

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