What Michelle Obama SHOULD be talking about

Warm-Up: 10 Reps of each (45/25lbs); Snatch High Pulls, Hang Muscle Snatch, Snatch Grip PP, OHS

Shoulder Mobility: 15 Dislocates, 30 sec Flexion in External Rotation,1 minute Lacrosse ball in 1st Rib, 2nd Rib, Scapula

Pause Jerk: 6×3

MetCon ­– Lynne (Only 3 Rounds)

Max BW Bench Press

Max Strict Chin-Ups

It’s done! Over! Finito! Caput! Indeed it is, my young Paleo Padawan. But this is only the beginning of your training, and there are many trials and tribulations you have yet to overcome. To successfully finish the Paleo challenge is a feat in and of itself, and one to be proud of. With that being said I’ve seen one too many participants finish the challenge only to return to the life of processed-sugar-laced-pizza-chomping-cookie-monstering-weight-regaining eating habits. The problem here lies in the participant thinking they’ll retain all the weight they’ve lost, the strength they’ve gained, and the feeling they’ve come to love every morning when they wake up that resonates throughout their day. It’s not that I expect you to stay “on the challenge” in your eating habits. However The Paleo Challenge was meant to replace bad habits with new ones, create a different way of viewing food and nutrition, and encourage healthier lifestyle choices. The key word, “lifestyle.”

Over the next few weeks I will try to encourage those of you who are recent graduates of the Paleo Challenge class of ’11 (Spring Lean Edition), newcomers to the gym who are interested in this lifestyle, and the others who just want some eating/cooking tips on how to choose healthier options when creating a grocery list. All the while maintaining a high level of sanity, I might add … sugar is the devil on your shoulder, and he’ll visit you daily with a convincing argument that brownies are the answer to all your problems.

Questions? Hit me with them. I’ve had some great conversations over the course of the challenge and in the past few weeks from some new members. I’ve written them down and will address them throughout this post series, and I’ll continue on as long as popular demand wishes it so.

Coach CBo