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Preparing your body and joints for maximum effort

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Preparing your body and joints for maximum effort

Let me take y'all back here...

Let me take y’all back here…

The Importance of the Warm-up/Preparing Your Body and Joints for Maximum Effort

As we finish the Back Squat portion of Summer of Squats and prepare to tackle further challenges (Death Days, Oktoberfest, front squats, upper body conditioning, etc.), it becomes even more important that we prepare our bodies each day to give our best possible efforts.

Every day, we give you a specific warm up with movements targeted towards preparing the particular joints and movement patterns that you will be performing during that day’s training. If you are skipping or not completing that warm up, it is highly likely that your performance is not going to be as good as it could be. If you do not understand or know a particular aspect of the warm up, please ASK a coach. We would much rather you ask than not be prepared for the day’s efforts.

Beyond each day’s warm up, there is always more you can be doing. If possible, arriving early to foam roll, work further on general mobility, or attack specific mobility deficiencies unique to your body is always desirable. If you are unsure what a proper foam rolling session prior to training looks like, Catalyst Athletics has a must read article on the subject.

*NOTE* The foam rolling protocol they suggest takes 15 minutes or less and it does not substitute for each day’s specific warm up.

Lastly, post workout static stretching and deeper foam rolling allows you to move into new and better ranges of motion while the muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. are still warm. All of these things together on a CONSISTENT basis are what it takes to change and improve range of motion and movement patterns. If you are in this for longevity and the health of your body, arriving a few minutes early and staying a few minutes late for extra work really can mean all the difference.

Coach Taylor

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