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Puma Time

Our little PUMA!


Speed Press: 10×2 EMOM (60-65% 1RM)

MetCon – 2 Rounds:
(Maintain 80% for each station. 2 Minutes work at each).
Cone Sprint (20m)

Another guest post… from the one and only Puma!

Crossfit Ktown lovers – (if you are not one now, you will be)

Many of you I have met and if I have not, shame on me!  I am one, that they call Puma, Panda, Ninja or just plain ol’ Michelle.  I moved from Newport Beach, CA to Knoxville, 3 years ago and found myself at Crossfit Ktown 1.0 – so I am honored to be an OG!  I started my crossfit training (if you want to call it that) with some of my co-workers in Newport Beach, I joined for the camaraderie with the guys…for those who don’t know, I work with all guys –beer business…so I started to attend the 5:00am crossfit classes and basically found out, how bad and out of shape I was.  It was an eye opener. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Fast forward to my move to Knoxville, I wanted to find a crossfit gym that I felt a part of and could make new friends.  Crossfit Ktown was it!  I truly believe that Crossfit Ktown, the coaches, members and the social committee is the best out there…which is why I stick around and why you all should as well!  We all know that these hellish metcons and lifting can be intimidating to do in front of strangers while they yell at you.  But the difference at Ktown; is that no one is trying to show off and everyone is cheering for you to finish your last rep, run, row, lift, swing, etc.  The camaraderie at Crossfit Ktown is like no other gym I have been to.

Although, Crossfit Ktown is “more than a gym,” it is still a gym (a damn good one at that) and the fabulous coaches are there to inspire you to be healthy and strong.  Yes, they have all the certifications and knowledge about nutrition but they also practice what they preach.  The great thing is that our coaches care and want to help you, they have definitely worked with me on obtaining my personal goals, whether it is to slim down for a wedding (Thanks E$) by educating me about Paleo or getting to a new PR with a lift (Thanks Miss Jess & G-rant).  They find ways to motivate me to push myself to be the best that I can be.  Throughout the years, it has given me the confidence inside and out, personally and professionally and I could never thank them enough!

Crossfit Ktown is not just a gym, it’s not just members and coaches – it’s a family!  And I am proud to say I am a part of that family.  I love going to the classes, yes to get a great workout, but to see my friends (which is why Diva and I usually get yelled at J) and meet new friends.  AND we have Ktown socials, great time to network and meet amazing people.  You just can’t find that at any ol’ gym.

I hope to be a part of Crossfit Ktown as far into the future as I can see and I hope to be able to work out with you all soon (pending on work travel).  We are a fun group, who sweats together, is in pain together and plays together!





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  1. Ben February 21, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    Great post panda puma ninja!

  2. L Shizzle February 26, 2013 at 3:21 am

    I need more Puma!!!

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