Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes





Warm-up: Barbell complex (45/25lbs)

[8 reps each – Power clean, Press, Snatch balance, Overhead squat, Good mornings] x2, 100 Jump ropes

Snatch-grip Deadlift: 2X10

MetCon – 4 Rounds for Time:
250m Row
10 Ring dips
15 Weighted sit-ups (25% BW)

First of all, we want to announce a few of our newest members to the CrossFit Ktown family. Give Sam Pinner, Cesar Ruiz, Phil Bonifacio, Matt Noss, and Matt Nadaud a big high-five or hug, whatever you prefer, the next time you see them at CFK. We are so glad to have all of you!

Alright, so I know you guys don’t think this, but the rest of the world is always looking for that quick fix when it comes to fitness. A diet pill, some crazy fad diet, some dumb workout (i.e. the shaker weight), and the “melt-away-fat-while-eating-chips” sauna belt are all examples of the market scheming for quick fixes. Before you came to CrossFit maybe you yourself even looked for a quick fix. It would be nice if these things worked and you actually got results from doing absolutely nothing, but unfortunately the body doesn’t work like that.

Well, the newest lame idea for “working out without actually working” comes in the form of…shoes. Seriously?!? I mean seriously? Shoes? And the saddest part is that people believe what the commercials tell them. Sketchers Shape-ups and Reebok Easytones claim that they help firm the glutes and leg muscles just by walking! Oh yes, that special curve to the shoe or those little foot pads are bound to get you in shape. Do I detect a big-ole-bull alert? I find this funny because just walking barefoot will firm the butt and legs (to some extent).  Even better than walking, squatting will build muscle and shape the glutes and leg muscles, so why not do that? Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know how ridiculous and false those statements are, and to not buy into the claims for even a moment. Show me some third party peer reviewed hard scientific evidence and then maybe I will halfway believe that nonsense. Probably not, though. And this has been Miss J with your consumer report.

Wear shape-ups and easytones to do CrossFit,
<3 Coach Miss J

P.S. How was your first day on Paleo?
P.P.S. Check out this link posted by Erin Slocum.

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  1. Doug January 11, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    First day of paleo down, 69 days left.

    The first week is the hardest, so we’ll be good soon, compadres.

  2. Ben January 12, 2010 at 8:27 am

    The first day was a piece of cake……..MMMMMMMMM…CAAAAAKKEEEE….

    Sorry i spaced for a second.

    As I read through the informational packet last night I had to laugh out loud at one of the cartoons. It showed a doctor talking with his patient and asking him, “What would be more convenient to your schedule, working out 1 hour a day or being dead for 24 hours a day?” It’s funny cause there is so much truth to that. Keep up the good work everyone, even those not doing Paleo this round (Rachel!).

  3. James January 12, 2010 at 9:25 am

    First day was not bad at all. I was already eating about 75% paleo to begin with so I’m only having to cut out a few things and watch my portions. I will however have to come up with a few new recipes after a few days.

  4. Rachael January 12, 2010 at 10:16 am

    A few women in my office bought those shoes! Not only do they look stupid but they look even worse with skirts!!!

    I am so proud of all of my crossfit friends on Paleo! Good luck with it and I will choose to store my fat for the winter and do my own version of Paleo with cookies and cake. You all will look amazing, I just love sweets to much to give them up.

  5. crossfitktown January 13, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    It’s ok Rachael, we love you anyway! I know you have already made little concessions with eating less sweets. Baby steps, baby steps.

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