Coach Samantha in her element

Coach Samantha in her element

The Remainder of Recovery/Testing Week


As we finish out our final week of the back squat portion of Summer of Squats, we wanted to give you a quick snapshot of this week so you can plan appropriately to get all of your new 1RM’s!

MONDAY – Low Volume Front Squat, Low Volume Jerk, Light Metcon

TUESDAY – Light Snatch, Light Clean and Jerk, Light Metcon

WEDNESDAY – Mobility, Z1 Metcon, Rest

THURSDAY – Snatch 1RM, optional conditioning

FRIDAY – Back Squat 1 RM, Clean and Jerk 1RM, optional conditioning

Please, try to be at the gym Thursday and Friday to re-test those 1RM’s. If you know you will not be able to make it those day, come talk to us and we can figure something out.

Bon Chance!

Coach Taylor