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Rest for Success

Rest for Success

Functional Fitness?


Squat: 5×5

Pendlay Row: 5×5

MetCon – For Time:
2k Row
(Split However)

I was thinking of a game we played the other day in class, a “go-around-the-room-and-say-your-name-and-favorite-CrossFit-movement” kind of game. Initiated by the one and only Cat Quinn. She is great, after all, at these sort of things.

A few things stuck out in my mind. First of all, Virginia loves windmills. That’s a surprise, but CGreg will be pumped. Secondly, more of you should love your squats, and third Cat said “Rest.” I know it was a joke and we all laughed, but she makes a good point.

Rest is key in a good training program, or even in a decent training program. Some days will be harder than others and some weeks will be easier than others. These days or weeks you may notice and think you didn’t do much of a workout, but the programming by our coaching staff is well thought out and tailored to making you a better, fitter athlete. You wouldn’t go run 20 miles the day before a marathon, right? And you wouldn’t see a professional football player hitting a hard lifting session the day before a big game. The same goes for CrossFit! Sometimes it is necessary to explain this idea (over and over again) to CrossFitters because our mentality is “Go Hard,” and the average CrossFitter doesn’t understand this tapering system.

Without rest you won’t progress. You get stronger during your rest and recovery, not during your sets and MetCons. Those muscles need time to rebuild and replenish all lost nutrients. Everyone likes to PR in strength and conditioning, so maybe we should all be a little more like Cat and get some REST!

Without rest you won’t progress (has a nice ring to it),
<3 Coach Miss J

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