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High Hang Clean + Push Jerk: 15 min to build to heavy 2+1

MetCon – For Reps:
AMRAP 7 min
100 Double Under Buy-in
7 Wallball KB Substitutes (35/20lbs)
7 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Rest 3 min
AMRAP 7 min
7 KB Thrusters per arm
7 Box Jumps (30/24”)

Repost from 8/30/11:

We’ve said it before and will continue to make it a point to you all: training is a process, not the events of one day.  Your aim should be to write the great American novel, not some F. Scott Fitzgerald novella with haphazardly formed characters and little to no substance.  Imagine yourself as Joyce, and imagine that Joyce was American instead of Irish, and then imagine his stream-of-consciousness style of writing in Ulysses as your training regimen.  Construct the Modernist masterpiece!

That means there will inevitably be days that you just aren’t “feeling it.”  And these days may come more and more often if you are above a certain age or aren’t taking care of your body.  The demands we place on ourselves are extremely high day in and day out.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for your training is to take 3 days off and come back refreshed and foaming at the mouth to touch a barbell again.

This also means it is sometimes fine to not work up to a new one rep max squat or go for a heavy snatch or clean.  You must listen to your body.  Even if we were the best coaches in the world, we still can’t get inside your head to understand how you are feeling that day.  Make your concerns known to a coach and we can come up with a scale or something else entirely to ensure you are getting some work done.

So step back and see the big picture.  We want you squatting and pressing at the same time you qualify for the senior citizen discount.  What good is training for life if you are going to run the risk of injuring yourself by making too great a jump in weight?  Think about it this way: the squat you injure yourself on is literally one in the million squats you will have done at Ktown.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Slow, steady progress always wins this type of race,
Coach G

P.S. – REMEMBER, the Olympic lifting class is on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM for the foreseeable future.  You know what else permeates the foreseeable future?  Me asking you to vote for someone, anyone, this Fall.

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