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Can't wait to expand this Infinity Rig!


Pause Squat: 5×3 w/ 4 sec pause

AMRAP 5 min
5 KB Clean and Push Press /arm
10 Sit-ups
Rest 5 min
AMRAP 5 min
10 KB DL
10 Hand Release Push-ups
Rest 5 min
AMRAP 5 min
10 KB High Pull
10 Backward Burpees (Deck squat style)

That was a mouth-full.

So a lot of things are happening.  A fresh order of mats are in and ready to be picked up.  So more of our floor will be matted (thank God).  The showers are nearing completion.  Justin Price took care of the shoddy lighting in the gym (so expect it to be extra bright tomorrow morning, 6AM!).  CrossFit Kids is getting ready to hit the ground running – as soon as Caleb Gregory teaches the children how to run properly!  CrossFit Skinny had their meeting tonight and looks to have a lot of hype.  And tomorrow evening is our Olympic lifting class.  Busy times at CrossFit Ktown!!!

But we still have so far to go.  Please continue to bear with us as we finish matting, acquire more bumper plates and also spread them around the gym, and finish anchoring the old pull-up rig in to the ground.  Many projects are moving along, some slowly and others at a faster pace, but we still require your patience.

Here is what you could do to help us out though.  7,000 square feet is a lot of space.  I know it is easy to get lost in there when putting things back.  Sometimes it doesn’t even look like some things have a proper place, but I assure you there is a correct place for almost every piece of equipment, Olympic lifting shoe, plate, clip, belt, and everything else.  Help the coaches by making sure whatever you get out and use finds its way back to its original location.  You will shorten our time spent after the classes picking things up, and the gym will look better throughout the day for it!

I promise you that once this fitness station becomes fully operational things will look a lot cleaner and run more smoothly.  Until then, help us keep some semblance of order to the chaos at Ktown.  Or does the creation of order create more chaos?  Where is entropy applied to this phenomenon?   JUST PUT YOUR STUFF UP!

Coach G wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t find metal change and clips scattered throughout the gym.

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  1. Braers July 26, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Never a bad time for a Star Wars reference, even with as big a stretch as that one was…

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