Splash Jam!

Splash Jam!

Should be a good time!


Power Clean + 2 Push Presses + Jerk: build to heavy single

Clean deadlift: build to heavy 3

MetCon – EMOM 12 min:
5-8 V-ups
10 Alternating DB Snatches

Ktown Possy,

We have an exciting new stand up paddleboard race event in Knoxville called “Splash Jam”. The event will take place on Saturday July 20th at the Cove on Ft. Loudon Lake. The morning will consist of individual races followed by an 8 person SUPSquatch team race to benefit the Ft. Loudon Lake Association. Plus live music, food truck competitions, paddleboard demos, and Saw Works Beer. You can go to supsplashrace.com for registration info and more details on the day’s events. Should be a fun time for competitors and spectators alike!

If you have any question or need a board for an individual race you can contact me at 865-803-1413.

-Kenny Reed

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