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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone



As we begin the month of November and the nascent programming block, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts. The purpose of this post is not to discourage or tell you that you are not doing enough; you all work extremely hard at whatever we put in front of you, which is probably what makes me most proud as a coach. That being said I want to draw your attention to some ways I think we can all become better.

  1. Come to the gym on the days you are uncomfortable or scared of the movements.

We all have a tendency to want to avoid the things we are not very good at executing or movements we do not know. That being said our greatest potential for improvement is at the “margins of our experience,” which is the essence of CrossFit. Besides, we can always scale and help you get better at any movement, no matter how complex. So, next time you want to skip 50cal assault bike day or skin the cat day, just remember you have more to gain from getting good at something you perform poorly than from getting incrementally better at something you are already very comfortable performing.

  1. Get outside of the gym and compete.

I am not suggesting that you all need to go compete in CrossFit competitions, even though I think those are often great experiences. Find something that you enjoy doing and get out and compete with other people of similar ability levels. Barbells for Boobs, Snatches for Staches, Ragnar, local trail races, local mountain bike races – these are just a few of the opportunities available. We live in Knoxville at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to get outside and use your fitness, and there are probably other members at Ktown who already participate and can give you direction. Talk to coaches and your fellow members and get out there and show off all your hard-earned fitness!

  1. Take your recovery time outside the gym as seriously as your time working out in it.

At most, we get to spend 5-6 hours a week with you, working to make you stronger and more mobile, undoing the tension and bad habits built up outside the gym. That leaves a mere 162 hours a week when you are on your own sans coaches. Small changes applied each week can have dramatic impacts. One more hour of sleep each night, 30 more minutes of mobility while you are watching TV, one less Chik Fil A stop each week and you will see major improvement. So, brainstorm things you can work on with a coach, do the November Nutrition Challenge, and get more sleep! And make your outside the gym time as productive towards your health and fitness as your inside the gym time.


Coach Taylor



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