Such a Tease!

Such a Tease!

Jacked and Tan represent!


Clean + 2 Front Squats: 1RM (25 Minutes)

MetCon – EMOM 20 Minutes:
Odd Mins – 1-3 Burpee Muscle-Ups
Even Mins – 10 KB SDHP

Alright Ktowners, mark your calendars. Tonight you discover that Ktown is hosting a partner competition on Saturday August 17th. This is just a teaser post so not many details will be released. Just know that the name of the competition is “The Jacked and Tan Classic” and there will be 4 categories to compete in. “Rx-ish Female” and “Rx-ish Male,” which is a scaled division of competition, for people who want to compete but maybe haven’t been doing CrossFit very long as well as “Rx Female” and “Rx Male.”

Go ahead and find a partner, we want to have tons of fun with this comp and keep it smaller than Oktoberfest (which we will be doing again). If you have no interest in competing, but would like to volunteer you are vital too!

More details to come,
<3 Coach Miss J

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