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Summer of Squats 2012

Summer of Squats 2012

Tom Platz, arguably the man who has done the most squats in the history of squats.



Press: 5-5-5-5-5

Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3

Push Jerk: 1-1-1-1-1

Finisher: 5 min unbroken plank any style

For all of you 2012 Summer of Squatters out there, follow these instructions very closely.

  1. Look down at your legs.
  2. Examine closely.
  3. Massage each thoroughly, serving as a primer for both to welcome the words about to come at them.
  4. Repeat the following:


“Legs, I know I’ve put you through a lot this Summer. Times have been hard for you, I know, as I’ve Back Squatted 3+ x’s a week, Front Squatted more than I ever have before, and actually learned how to Overhead Squat some real weight. Please don’t be mad at me…in fact, be mad at Coach CBo (if you need to be mad), he made me do it. He’s okay with you being mad at him, but please understand he’s just trying to make you guys/me stronger. He’s had a long life battling bird-leg syndrome, so he takes this fight very personally. Now that I’ve apologized and explained the situation, I need to ask a favor of you. I need another month from you both. This will be the hardest month, the most diverse month, but I promise I’ll foam roll, massage, stretch, and sleep more than I ever have before. If you give me this month, we’ll both come away stronger and better for it. Thanks for all your hard work!!!”


Now that you’ve given your legs a good talking to, let’s talk about the home stretch of the 2012 Summer of Squats. At the end of this month, there will be no more points added to your total as we have been accumulating them thus far. With that being said, September will be a month of testing. Each Monday morning, we will release AT LEAST 1 squat test and how you can accumulate points for the test. The tests will be extremely different week-to-week, so hopefully you’ve been keeping your additional squat sets varying in loads and rep schemes. If you haven’t been, there’s just a hair over a week for you to get on it. The tests will be posted on the white board at the gym, and as always you’ll need to do these tests outside of your normal CFKT classes. If you’re interested in knowing the best time to do these tests as it relates to our programming, feel free to ask a coach.

Moving forward, I will tell you this. We will NOT be testing our 1RM Back Squat until the end of September. That’s right, you have OVER a month to continue chasing down Paul Bunyanesque legs before we load ‘em up to capacity.

I’ll leave you with my thoughts on the Summer of Squats as a whole up until now, and I believe I can speak on behalf of all the coaches when I say it’s been incredibly inspiring to see how motivated the 20+ of you have STAYED throughout the summer, putting in the extra hours/reps/sets/sweat in order to get stronger. There have been so many stories of how Cleans, DLs, Snatches, and other lifts have increased due to the 2012 SOS. Stay solid on the work through September, and we’ll bask in our leg-strength in November. Keep Squatting!

Every time you squat a fairy gets its wings,
Coach CBo

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