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Summer of Squats 2017

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Summer of Squats 2017

#squadgoals & #squatgoals

#squadgoals & #squatgoals

Let’s just do a quickie for you all today.

Our Summer of Squats 2017 has begun. I am going to lay out the current template and introduce you to our new Saturday programming. Here we go!

Monday – 3×8 squats, practice conditioning ~8-12 min (more O-lift focused)

Tuesday – upper body push/pull, competition named conditioning

Wednesday – lower body pull, practice conditioning w/work rest variables

Thursday – 5×5 squat, longer aerobic work (mostly monostructural)

Friday – shoulder to overhead practice emphasis, alternate between practice/mental anguish conditioning

Saturday – 8×3 squats, competition conditioning

Remember that we break our conditioning down into three categories:

Practice – The majority (60%) of efforts will be here. How can we plan to improve movement unless we PRACTICE it? Don’t worry about the clock or your score with practice conditioning. Instead, make your primary, secondary, and tertiary foci movement quality, movement quality, movement quality.

Competition – We still need to go hard and test our mettle a couple times per week. 30% of our efforts will be in this competition mindset. We are looking for the best possible score with these pieces.

Mental Anguish – This one hurts, so these efforts will be few and far between (10%). These will always be low-skill workouts so we can focus on mashing the pedal to the metal – think rowing, biking, shuttle runs, burpees, and KB swings to name a few.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s continued progress from the last cycle!

And if you find yourself struggling to recover during this cycle remember to eat clean, hydrate well, and visit Diana at Carter Sports Therapy!

Coach G

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