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Summer of the Skwat

Summer of the Skwat

They look GOOD.


1) Handstand Holds: 10x10sec

2a) Bent Over Supine BB Rows: 4×10 HEAVY

2b) Goblet Squat: 4×10 HEAVY

MetCon – For Load and Time:
~600m Farmer’s Carry – one HEAVY DB or KB in each hand

Finisher: 5 attempts at max wattage on rower – no more than 10 pulls per attempt

A few words on this Summer of Squats…

Try not to stick to the same dry rep scheme each time you come in and squat.  I know it is easy to just load up your minimum and do a bunch of sets, but the best stimulus is a changing stimulus.  Remember to not only do sets of 5, hit those higher intensity rep ranges like triples, doubles, and even singles.  Keep changing it up!

Do not squat before or after your class without speaking with a coach first.  Most of the afternoon/evening classes are so full that it will be impossible to squat before or after.  That is until we move to our next location!  Until then, remember that your workout is no more important than the person next to you.  Be mindful of their hour in the gym.  It becomes very easy to degrade someone’s time in the gym when you are in the way or tying up a coach’s attention.  Be considerate!

Keep squatting!  CBo and I were speaking today, and he exclaimed, “We are going to have some big squats if everyone keeps up this level of commitment all summer!”  I wholeheartedly agree.  Exciting times!

Another exciting time: the O-lifting class tonight saw some new faces.  Meghan Morgan, Rolon, Ryan, along with a lot of the regulars were at the class tonight.  In all we had 14 people choosing to spend an hour of their Thursday night Olympic lifting in preparation for London 2012.  A lot of new PRs were set, and it was fantastic to be a part of the energy in there this evening.  I look forward to seeing all of you (M-squared) plus more next week.  I will bring another video segment…

Coach G

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  1. Coach CBo June 8, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Proud of the Ktowners and their squatting and lifting ambitions. KEEP IT UP! #SummerofSquats #JackedandTan

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