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1611, 2011

Rethinking dietary cholesterol

By |November 16th, 2011|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|1 Comment

Warm-up: 15 Lunges w/ Twist, 15 Spiderman Lunges, 15 Broad Jumps, 10 Wide, Normal, and Narrow Push-ups and Chin-ups
Strength: Goblet Squat 4×10 superset w/ GHD Sit-ups 4×10
MetCon 4 Rounds:
4 min to complete –
250m Row
25 KB Swings (70/50lbs)
Rest remainder of 4 minutes, score slowest round
Prepare yourselves because, as a body, studies like this one have reached […]

1509, 2011

Cholesterol and words, words, words…

By |September 15th, 2011|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|3 Comments

Warm-up: 400m Run, 8 Wide, Normal, and Narrow Push-ups, 8 Wide, Normal, and Narrow Squats, 20 Lunges, 10 Backwards Lunges
Squat: 5×3 @ 70%
Press: 3×5
Work: 3×15 of ring push-ups, ring rows, and ring v-outs
Finisher: 20 strict knees to elbows
Have you ever wondered what exactly the doctor is testing or hoping to divine from your cholesterol score, […]

3108, 2011

Bout that time, eh chaps?

By |August 31st, 2011|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|9 Comments

Warm-up: 3 Rounds – 100m Row Sprint, 10 Sott’s Press (PVC), 10 Ring Rows, 10 Jumping Air Squats
Group Mobility
Snatch High Pulls: 3×5
Work: 3 trips with sled; 3×12 GHD Back Extensions; 3×12 Hanging Leg Raises (strict)
MetCon – For meters:
Tabata Row
It’s been nearly a year.  I am about to rekindle our fireside chats on cholesterol, diet, and […]

2007, 2011

Paleo Challenge – Check! What Next?

By |July 20th, 2011|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|4 Comments

Warm-Up: 10 Reps of each (45/25lbs); Snatch High Pulls, Hang Muscle Snatch, Snatch Grip PP, OHS
Shoulder Mobility: 15 Dislocates, 30 sec Flexion in External Rotation,1 minute Lacrosse ball in 1st Rib, 2nd Rib, Scapula
Pause Jerk: 6×3
MetCon ­– Lynne (Only 3 Rounds)
Max BW Bench Press
Max Strict Chin-Ups
It’s done! Over! Finito! Caput! Indeed it is, my young […]

1201, 2011

Special Populations

By |January 12th, 2011|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|6 Comments

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 10 Leg Swings (all directions), 10 Arm Circles (all directions), 10 Serratus Push-ups; 60s Plank (work on hollow position!)
Skill: Handstand Push-up
MetCon – For Time:
Jackie –
1k Row
50 Thrusters (45lbs)
30 Pull-ups
There is a 10 and 15 minute time cap for men and women, respectively, for Jackie.  As soon as you are finished with […]

712, 2010

Cholesterol Part I

By |December 7th, 2010|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|7 Comments

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 10 Parallette Push-ups, 20 KB SDHP (70/50lbs), 10 V-ups, 20 Walking Lunges
Box Squat: 3-3-3-1-1-1 (come off hamstring tension on the box)
Good Morning: 3×10
MetCon – For Time:
Power Snatch (95/65lbs)
Split Jumps (each jump counts as one rep)
Finisher: Side plank 2 min each side
As I write this I am chewing my way through a […]

811, 2010

Cholesterol is the devil, amirite?

By |November 8th, 2010|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|3 Comments

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 30 Double Unders, 20 Walking Lunges, 15 KB Swings, 10 Push-ups
Front Squat: 3×5
Bench: 5RM
MetCon – 7!:
1-arm KB Snatch (70/50lbs)
Weighted Sit-ups (70/50lbs)
The diet-cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis goes something like this: high dietary intake of cholesterol leads to high levels of cholesterol in our blood which generates atherosclerotic plaque precipitating a clot and causing […]

2710, 2010

Paleo Challenge….soo close I can smell the meat

By |October 27th, 2010|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Warm-Up: 50 Double Unders, 20 Deep Lunges (45/25lbs), 10 Sott’s Press (45/25lbs), 20 KB SDHP (50/35lbs) x’s 2
Foam Roll T-Spine
Snatch: Work up to heavy but comfortable single – 30 minutes
MetCon – Isabel:
30 Snatches (135/95lbs)
-Keeping it real brief here….and I apologize. However, we are about to begin the Paleo Lecture which will address the challenge questions […]

1905, 2010

Paleolizzy Recipizzy

By |May 19th, 2010|CrossFit Ktown Knoxville, Uncategorized|4 Comments

Warm-Up: CF Warm-Up x’s 2, 20 Dislocates, Burgener Warm-Up
Snatch: 1RM, then 6 singles at 90%
MetCon – AMRAP 8 minutes:
20 Sit Ups
30 1-arm DB snatches
-I feel really awkward approaching some of you and saying, “Goodness gracious _______, you sure do look great!” I don’t want any of our clients assuming that I thought they looked bad […]