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TGIF (Thank God Intermittent Fasting)

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TGIF (Thank God Intermittent Fasting)

Brandon Braers and Kirsten Bear are down in West Palm Beach competing for Crossfit North Atlanta Cockdiesel this weekend. Send them good vibes and follow their progress online.

Warm-up: Mobility Prep

MetCon – 12.10:
Fight Gone Bad

What a day!  Many a record was broken today, both personal and gym.  Rest up and water yourselves properly this weekend.  Paleo Challenge in full swing, so get your ancestrally-based eat on!  We will hit next week hard with our last Ktown Open workout.

Here is the early heads up that Ktown will be closed Thursday the 10th, Friday, Saturday, and possibly the morning on Monday the 14th.  Jacked and Tan will be traveling to represent CrossFit Ktown at Regionals in Columbus, OH.  No, we do not want to travel to the state that is Ohio, but that is where they keep hosting this thing.  #RogueownsCF

You can probably expect that short week to be action-packed (maybe with a regionals workout or three),
Coach G

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