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The Blogman Cometh!

The Blogman Cometh!

Looking good Jacked and Tan!

Looking good Jacked and Tan!

The blog is back, and you’re going to be in trouble.  Hey nah!  Hey nah!  The blog is back!

Thanks for bearing with the blog while we shut it down, repurposed it, and now finally started it back up.  Here a few things to expect from the new Ktown blog:

1) More content-filled blog posts. The topics will be fitness, performance, and nutrition related just like always.

2) No more posting of the Ktown programming.  Our programming is good.  Actually, it’s great for the general fitness enthusiast.  But it also has huge limitations.  Just a couple of those limitations are that we have certain equipment surpluses and constraints that dictate what we can or cannot program; another is that we use the workout of the day as a template to then further cater to our individual members.

3) Witticisms.


And now for a quick reminder/announcement…

The 2014 CrossFit Open begins tonight.  With the Open comes many fun and exciting things at CrossFit Ktown.  There is almost no better time to be a part of the family than during the CrossFit Open.  Everyone unites behind each other spurring bigger and better results.  Everyone also gives their all in the hopes of qualifying individually or contribute to the qualification of a team to the CrossFit Central East Regionals.  We have qualified team Jacked and Tan every year since the regionals format began, and we do not plan on that changing this year!

One of our goals last year was to qualify a second team: Jackeroni and Cheese.  We fell short last year, but we have had several athletes work with purpose and drive all year to give J&C an even better shot this year.  The fun part is that ANY ONE can contribute to team Jackeroni and Cheese.  The way the CF Open works for teams is that any three male and any three females may score for your team for any given workout.  That means that any one signed up for CrossFit Ktown could potentially score for J&C!

So sign-up at and join CrossFit Ktown, then get ready for the release of workout 14.1 tonight at 8PM EST!

Coach G


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  1. Doug February 27, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    Also, people steal your programming.

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