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The Break-up

The Break-up

Sarah mid-burpee pull-up. Check out her thruster video link below.

Sarah mid-burpee pull-up. Check out her thruster video clip below.


Warm-up: 3 Rounds – 200m run, 20 SDHP (35/20lb KB), 10 GHD Sit-ups

MetCon – 5 Rounds for time:
“The Break-up”
10 Burpee Pull-ups
8 Front Squats (135/95lbs)
6 KB Snatches (50/35lbs)
4 Ring Dips
2 Thrusters (135/95lbs)

Anytime you see those kinds of weights for five rounds, you know you’re in trouble.  We had a few people say this MetCon was the hardest they’ve done yet.  It was meant to be a romantic comedy of a workout.  Our 6AM crew of Jon and Glenn termed “The Break-up” a “joy and a thrill.”  Jonathan Kerr gave it two stars saying, “This isn’t your typical romantic comedy.  It starts fast but seems to drag on forever.”  Doug said something about being in the fetal position both after breaking up with a girl and getting done with this workout.  Draw whatever metaphor you like, this one sucks any way you slice it.

Let me take a minute to welcome three new members we’ve had join our ranks this week.  Help me give a big Ktown welcome to Jeff Salerno, Jon Ruble, and Amanda Shields.  If you see them around the gym make them feel welcome.

There is a space on the WOD board for you all to sign up for our free Saturday rowing class with our very own Sarah Arms.  Sarah is a morning Ktowner, so a lot of you may only know her through her insane WOD times and strength numbers.  This is an excellent opportunity to hone your rowing skills, so please throw your name up on the board so we know how many extra rowers to bring in.  The class will be Saturday October 17th, 11:00AM, and it will be about 45 minutes long.  If you guys are good, Sarah said she’d take us out on the water in a real rowing boat!

Row on,
Coach G

Glenn is working hard for those 50lb KB snatches, and Jon is unhappy that he still has more to do.

Glenn is working hard for those 50lb KB snatches, and Jon is unhappy that he still has more to do.

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  1. James October 12, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Sign me up. I would love to get on the water and do some real rowing. =o)

  2. forrestlong October 12, 2009 at 11:53 am

    courtesy of lindsey from oktoberfest…she made this nice lil edit. its got some good shots of jessie on some squats cleans and some running!!!! i got a cameo of my attempt to keep of with brandon phillips

  3. Kerr October 12, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Happy to say that I’ve recovered completely from my breakup.

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