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The CrossFit work ethic

The CrossFit work ethic

Mama Boaz doing some knees to elbows

Mama Boaz doing some knees to elbows

Warm-Up: CFWU x 2

1RM Squat

MetCon – 5 rounds for time:

20 Tuck Jumps

15 Push-Ups

10 Double Unders (or 50 regular jump ropes)

-CrossFit has taken my fitness to a completely different level. But I’ve noticed that it’s taken my work ethic to a different level as well, not exclusive to the exercise realm. Growing up, my friends used to make fun of me because of all the chores and work I had to do around the house. Every day during the summer, I’d have a list of tasks to do before I could go out and play. I despised these activities, but looking back I know it instilled a profound work ethic that has carried over to everything I do today. CrossFit has definitely refined these standards of work that I have for myself, not just for fitness, but for all things in which I do. I’ve noticed that I hold myself to a higher caliber of work whether it’s studying, cleaning, coaching, or exercising. The same mentality in which I go to every time I am about to do a WOD is used in my daily routine. All the discipline I’ve developed from striving to reach my fitness level has carried over to every aspect of my life.

– My mother always told me, “Whatever your hand finds to do….do it well and to the best of your abilities.” I find it funny that I’m regurgitating her old quotes, but the saying holds great importance to us in the CrossFit community. When I first started doing CrossFit, I remember wanting to cheat…skip a rep here, take a second off there. Who would I be cheating if I did that? I would be cheating myself, and no one else. So when my hands find something to do, I’m going to do it well and to the best of my abilities. Let’s make mom proud together.

-Coach C-Mother-Bo

-How has CrossFit carried over to your daily life? Post to comments

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  1. forrestlong August 12, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    good story…today was my first time using a new jump rope in our wod and i found myself pissed off more than ever in rounds 1 and 2 when i broke twice doing double unders. there was a moment when i wanted to throw it is far as i could, stop the metcon, or just say screw it…im doing singles, but thats just not what we do. granted i did throw the j.r. down the track when i was done, but i waited and most importantly finished the wod rxd.

    im sure grant has some good stories about chores as well…he did spend most of his high school career working in the shed

  2. Jessie August 13, 2009 at 5:52 am

    For me, CrossFit has become something I talk about probably way too much outside of the gym with fellow CrossFitters or not. When I see someone I haven’t in a while and they ask me what I’m up to, “CrossFit” always pops out. Then I can ramble on about what CrossFit is. You can’t love CrossFit and not talk about it.

  3. Doug August 13, 2009 at 7:24 am

    People at work probably hate the word CrossFit now. I talk about it almost on a daily basis, and the “free week” always comes up.

    Double unders are the bain of my existence, but I did happen to piece together 5 kipping pull ups in a row yesterday (on 3 different occasions). Booyah!

    Also, has anyone seen Travis’s times lately? Studly.

  4. Doug August 13, 2009 at 7:28 am

    Oh, and “holding the standard” during every Crossfit rep (or attempting to in my case) has helped me “hold the standard” in work and friendship.

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