There’s Blood in the Water…

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There’s Blood in the Water…

The MetCon sharks smell blood in water...they're ready for you next week.

Warm-Up: 10 Air Squats, Push Ups, Pull-Ups, 15 Sit-Ups x’s 2; 20 Arm Circles & Leg Swings in All Directions

Squat: 5RM; then 3×3 @ 80% of 5RM w/ a 2 second pause in the hole.


6 x 400m Sprints; 1 min rest between efforts

After last week you all looked well-rested and hungry for some work today. Now that there’s some blood in the water again, the MetCons of Death Days are getting a little more excited to come out and play with you. Remember, they’re next week. Get psyched.

Coach CBo

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