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This month at Ktown

This month at Ktown

Gotta get you competitors ready for this fun!


1a) Bench Press: 3×3
1b) Weighted Lunges (Front Rack): 10 Reps (45/65)

MetCon – For Time:
5 – 500m Row Intervals
Rest as Needed

Ktown it’s a new month which means we need to update on the upcoming events.

1) Competitor Meeting Tuesday, November 6th @ 7:30pm. This meeting will contain information for anyone interested in competing in CrossFit as a sport, especially those Ktowners trying to make the Ktown Regionals team. We are putting together 2 teams this year. That’s a total of 8 guys and 8 ladies. It is very important to be at this meeting as programming will be changing for competitors as the Open nears.

2) Don’t forget it’s No Shave November and if curious about joining the team discuss details with Coach Markie Mark!

3) The Seasons Beatings for Thirst Defeatings competition is going on November 10th in Clarksville. We have a couple athletes competing and the more support the merrier! We would love to continue our legacy of having the best traveling support crew! It could also be fun to just watch people workout while you drink… just a thought.

4) The Olympic Lifting competition in Morristown goes down November 17th at 10am. Weigh-in for athletes will most likely be at 9am. This competition is not super serious, but will be a lot of fun.

5) December 1st (the first Saturday in December) we will host our legendary Christmas Lollapalooza Party at Pilot Travel Centers starting at 6pm. It is rumored we will continue the party afterwards in downtown Knoxville. Many more posts will be related to the Christmas Party.

6) Check the gym calendar for any events I’m forgetting.

I’m about to watch Dark Shadows; I’ll let you know if it’s a good movie,
<3 Coach Miss J

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  1. Samantha November 2, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    The Garage Games Xs & Ys Competition is also December 1 in Woodstock, GA. Two categories: Kissing Couples or Handshake Couples. The Lanes start training today for anyone who wants to join us!

  2. Rise Up November 2, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    When is bring a friend week? I know it was mentioned last month and I have a few interested here at the office. Thanks, that is all!

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