CrossFit Ktown – CrossFit

A1): Bench Press (4×8 with no grind)

A2): Supinated Grip Bent Over Row (4×8)

B1): Diamond Push-ups (4×8-12)

B2): Banded Face Pull (4×8-12 with light band)

C): Metcon (Weight)


20 total BB side bends

100m DB suitcase carry UB R

100m DB suitcase carry UB L

25 bounding bunny hops onto plate or 12″ box

Use same weight for both sides in the carry. Score is DB weight if you remained unbroken.

XTRA): Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Bike 10 min @ steady RPM. Score is lowest RPM at any given time in the 10 min.

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