CrossFit Ktown – CrossFit

A: Planche Progressions (60-90 seconds)

Demonstrate 1 min unbroken before moving to next movement; accumulate 60-90 seconds @ toughest:

– Hollow front leaning rest

– Hollow forward lean

– Bent arm frog stand

– Straight arm frog stand

– Tuck planche

– Straddle planche

– Planche

B: Front Lever Progressions (Accumulate 60-90 seconds or 10-20 reps)

Demonstrate capacity of movement before moving on to more advanced:

– 30 second active hang from rings

– 5+ strict knees to elbows

– 3+ dead hang to inverted

– Dead hang to inverted to tucked negative

– Single leg negative

– Front lever negative

– Straddle front lever

– Front lever

C: Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 16:

1st – 12 sec row/bike/ski @ high effort

2nd – 3-6 DB man makers

3rd – 12 sec row/bike/ski @ high effort

4th – rest or lightly mobilize

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