CrossFit Ktown – CrossFit

A): Joint Mobility (No Measure)

Shoulder Shrugs (for. and Back) x 10

Arm Circles (both ways) x 10

Hula Hips x 10

For./Back. Bends x 10

Leg Swings (both ways) x 10

Boot Strappers x 10

Normal/Wide/Close Squats x 10

Hindu Push-Ups x 10

Table Makers x 10

SP B): Metcon (No Measure)

– Spend 4-6 min mobilizing hips and shoulders WITHOUT using a foam roller or LAX ball. Open up the squat and overhead positions.

– Spend 4-6 min doing a steady state warm-up of jump rope, running, or rowing.

– Do specific movement prep as if the workout was rowing and thrusters. Perform 2-3 rounds of 5-10 cal row + 3-6 thrusters 95/65lbs.

– Finish up with whatever else you would do RIGHT before your workout. You should be ready to chew bees, so to speak. And now pack your bags and go home or spend 10-15 min doing light mobility work.

FX B): Metcon (Time)


5 wall walks

8-15 pull-ups

50 DU

200m farmer’s carry 50/35lbs each hand

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