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Train Smart…Duh.

Train Smart…Duh.

You don't get bodies like this training2-a-days, 6 days a week.


Overhead Squat: 3RM – 15 Minutes

MetCon – For Time:
50ft Walking Lunges

Some of you have heard me say “train smart.” (If you haven’t by now I might be surprised.) These words of wisdom apply to every athlete at our gym, just in different respects. For instance, doing a 5k, staving off modern society diseases, doing a triathlon or a CrossFit competition, preventing an injury, playing intramural soccer, running a Tough Mudder, being healthy, and losing weight all have “training smart” aspects.  If I wanted to lose weight, I would need to take eating and sleeping into account for my regimen. If I wanted to prevent an injury, I would need strengthen “weaker” muscles in my body and take plenty of time to roll, stretch, and mobilize properly before and after every workout, along with other times of the day. I would also need to stock up on fish oil. Let’s say I wanted to do WELL in a triathlon. Well I would need to sport specifically adjust some of my workouts, increase my volume, and use CrossFit as a great supplemental program to keep up my metabolic conditioning, strength, and power. And if I wanted to be a CrossFit Games athlete I would need to do all of these things plus so much more. Or just have amazing genetics (Can I get a what, what? Rich Froning/ Iceland Annie). That’s not to say Annie doesn’t have the tightest hip flexors known to man and could really benefit from working on that problem. (That’s a whole other post.)

With all this being said, are you training smart? Are you listening to your body?  It is programmed to say, “Hey! I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m sick, I’m fatigued, I’m sleepy” and so on, but the problem becomes when all of you ignore it. I could talk a lot about the hunger and thirst portion, and even more so on the importance of sleep, but tonight I’ll chat a little on the fatigue aspect.

When you are fatigued to the point where air squats are exhausting, a strict pull-up takes all your effort, and a MetCon seems like the end of the world…TAKE A DAY(S) OFF!!!

You don’t have to spend every day of the week at Ktown to improve your fitness. You may even be hurting yourself doing so and causing your goals to be pushed further away. Some of you come in 6 days a week, participate in the O-class, get to class an hour early to work on “goats,” and then pull 2-a-days with running/ body weight MetCons/ extra lifting on the outside. I don’t want to discourage your Ktown appearances, but are you a professional athlete? Are you getting paid to work out? Are you trying to go to the CrossFit Games (seriously)? Your answer better be yes to one of these questions if you fall under that category (unless you are Katy Kalian – the genetic freak/ drinks so much coffee she can’t stop exercising).

If you are one of those people and you refuse to stop exercising 24/7 then at least tell me you take that much needed rest day when your body says so and you take it seriously, and please tell me you are sleeping 9 hours per night, shooting fish oil into your veins, ice bathing at least 3x per week, eating strict Paleo with proper proportions, foam rolling/stretching/mobilizing daily, and getting massages every week.

Before I go off on more tangents, let me encourage you all ONE MORE TIME to listen to your body! If it’s tired then rest! That might be a day, two days, or even a week (I can hear you all gasping now). Trust me, it’s not going to set you back in training; it will most likely increase your capacities.

You slackers out there better not read this and take it as an excuse to not show up at Ktown.

The end,
<3 Coach Miss J


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  1. L Shizzle July 18, 2012 at 2:59 am

    Jeez Jess you didn’t have to call me out in front of everyone. I know you bust out your train smart quote at me all the time, but I can’t help it I had Taco bell twice this week. And really ice bath 3 times a week, that’s just cold.

  2. T-Pain July 18, 2012 at 4:04 am

    My Hip Flexors are way tighter than Iceland Annie’s. You take that back.

    PS Peanut butter and whole milk got rich froning to where he’s at

  3. Braers July 18, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Those are some really good looking people in that picture…

    Also: Rich Froning has a whole milk dispenser on the floor at his gym. It’s like his water. Explain that (!)

  4. knoxlight July 20, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Perfect post as I sit here looking at my training calendar (swim, bike, run, crossfit). And yes, I had to make some adjustments and take some rest days this week. Still, the pep talk (aka you’re an idiot if you don’t rest and listen to your body) is helpful reinforcement for this Type A personality.

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