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A): 2017 Gymnastics Cycle Progressions (No Measure)

Practice (20 min) –

Ring dip: dip support (top) -> dip negative -> weighted dip negative -> dip support (bottom) -> dip positive (master full ROM on the parallel bars before moving to rings)

Strict muscle-up: false grip hang -> false grip ring rows -> false grip chest-to-ring pull-ups -> ring row w/ turnover -> feet-elevated ring row w/ turnover -> strict muscle-up

Front lever: pulling prep -> pulling prep w/ chest pull -> pulling prep w/ knees up -> front tuck -> open front tuck -> tuck repeats -> can opener -> front lever

*An athlete should be able to show mastery in the ring dip before moving on to strict muscle-up or front lever. Focus on your quality of movement. We will ride these progressions for 4-6 weeks.

B): Metcon (5 Rounds for calories)

Mental anguish –

1 min bike

3 min walk rest


*Try to maintain parity of calories each round.

C): Metcon (Weight)

This may be performed after Part B or during the rest intervals of the bike if the athlete is so inclined.

Accumulate 60 seconds of starred side plank each side.

Accumulate 120 seconds of FLR on rings.

Accumulate 180 seconds of bear hug hold HAP.

Score weight of bear hug.

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