Always makes me laugh

Warm-up: 10 Dislocates, 10 Reverse Hypers, 10 Dead Hang Shrugs, 10 Pistols x2

20 Minutes to Find:
Deadlift: Moderate Set of 5
Hang Power Clean: 3RM
Jerk: 2RM

MetCon – 4 Rounds Not For Time:
Max Ring Rows
10 Good Mornings (95/65lbs)
10 Pistols (Total)

Finisher: 3 Minutes Hollow Rock

Guess what? It’s time for 12.9! You will either be very excited or very disappointed to find out it is an Olympic Weightlifting meet! Athletes will begin with 5 Snatch Attempts followed by 5 Clean and Jerk attempts. This will have true O-lifting standards. NO PRESS OUTS will be counted as “good lifts.” There will be several platforms with barbells set-up. You will be grouped somewhat according to your bodyweight or former PR’s. Once a weight has been loaded and attempted, the weight on the bar cannot be decreased, only increased or remain at the same weight. Here’s an example of some other details to a meet.

Lifter A: Attempting Snatch at 100lbs – Fails

Lifter B: Originally going to Snatch 100lbs (wants to psyche out competitor/ make them tired) –Updates judge he/she will be now starting their first lift at 105lbs.

Lifter A: Has 2 Minutes Rest then must repeat their attempt at 100lbs or can notify coach he/she will also go up to 105lbs to rest more and make Lifter B attempt his/her Snatch.

Yes, there are a bit of mind games to these competitions.

Scoring: To determine fairness between weight classes we will be using the Sinclair coefficient calculator. Total up your highest Snatch + Clean and Jerk = Total (in kilos). The calculator will ask you a couple other easy questions to find your coefficient. Males will have whatever score the calculator spits out. Females will multiply their coefficient by 1.5.

Lifter A: Male – 69kg, Total – 189kg = 247.59
Lifter B: Female – 56kg, Total – 117kg = 157.69 x 1.5 = 236.53

12.9 videos:

Paleo lecture: Tomorrow at 7:30PM
<3 Coach Miss J